Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Leg 15 - Natchez Trace (Near Vicksburg) to Tullos, LA

6 states down - 2 big states to go. Back in the saddle again for 82 miles today and made it to Tullos, LA (no motels – so we backtracked to Jena for the night). The 55 miles of the Natchez Trace was great and I had it almost to myself – only about 25 cars in the 4 hours I was on it today. First photo is a sample of what the Trace looks like. Apparently, the Trace was a collection of Indian trails and later a major thoroughfare for traffic between Tennessee and Mississippi before the park service took it over. A few miles more and I was on an overlook of the Mississippi River – it’s an awesome sight. The river is huge and the water was flowing pretty heavily – don’t know if that’s normal, but it was impressive – see second photo. We then drove about 40 miles to avoid a section of Rt84 – El Camino Hwy – that is designated as high traffic volume and biking is discouraged. It was and also the pavement was terrible. Would have liked to take Rt 28 thru Alexandria, but again the road is designated a primary feeder and I thought traffic (truck) volume would be too much for our nerves at this point. So far, Rt 84 in Louisiana has been the worst road I’ve been on this trip – poor quality pavement, and shoulders that are not finished and gravely. Experienced my second blow-out on my back tire due to the road conditions. After the high volume section – traffic definitely lightened up, but we’re still on our guard. If road conditions remain the same tomorrow – might try crossing into Texas a bit more northernly than previously planned. Also - no cell phone coverage for me here - so calls will have to wait to tomorrow I hope.


Don & Joanne said...

Welcome to Louisiana. For the most part, the only good roads are the Interstates and they ain't too hot, either. Louisiana is famous for it's Cajun cuisine and bad roads. Sorry about that!!!

The only consolation, I guess, is that you aren't traveling thro Louisiana during the monsoon or sugar cane harvesting season. I think you will miss those exciting experiences.

Good luck tomorrow. You are getting close to the homestretch.

Don & Joanne

Deana said...

So....how's that butt feeling about now? April says once you make it home, you probably won't want to get on a bike for quite some time. I would guess she's right!

Good luck with the roads today.

Miss ya!

Deana and Lirpa